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August 30, according to foreign media reports, announced earlier this year took over as CEO, Google's (Google Inc.) Co-founder Larry Page (Larry Page) undertook this Internet search giant restructuring to speed up decision-making.

Paige since taking office since April, is facing many challenges. These challenges include: the U.S. antitrust agencies conduct extensive investigations of the company; advertising on Google's long-term criminal investigation by the settlement; led him to acquire handset maker Motorola Mobile Holdings Limited (Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc.) Changing industry power. Since his new role as the company's stock fell 9.1 percent, higher than the Nasdaq (Nasdaq) stocks drop 8.42% overall.

Federal prosecutors have been investigating Google in 2003 to 2009 to allow operators of illegal Internet drug advertisements in its search engine behavior. Last week, federal prosecutors specifically mentioned Pec. They say this Page personal knowledge of the alleged crime, and not be discouraged.Prior to this, Google paid $ 500 million last week to avoid criminal charges.
Page, Google spokesman declined to act on drug advertising to comment about the situation. He also said that the investigation has nothing to do with the current advertising practices, the company continues to move forward. Google refused to let 38-year-old Paige came forward for comment.

Other setbacks include, and fail to reach a record company to allow Google's new Internet music service selling songs and albums of the agreement; public disclosure of company in China in June of "troublemakers" invasion of the Gmail account; bid for Nortel Networks in July Co., Ltd. (Nortel Networks Corp.) lost patent, Google said it is to promote the acquisition of Motorola's a reason.

However, according to Page's colleagues, a lot of things happened over the past few months, Page response is to concentrate on resolving matters within their control, including the new business.

Google Chrome browser and operating system is responsible for investigation of human skin Iraq (Sundar Pichai) said that Page and outside the company are well aware of all matters and will be concerned; although he should consider all these things, but the way his work is highly concerned about the products and users.

At the same time there are some positive side. He was the company's restructuring has been a great support staff; April, the Government approved a Google acquisition of ITA Software's application, the deal will help Google build travel search services; started his social networking company's products received the initial growth of Google + Promoting changes in staff praised the search engine, Larry Page and Gmail, and many other services to look.

Page also heard criticism. For people on the growth rate of Google queries, Wall Street analysts have complained that in April, Paige in the first earnings call was that too little. At that meeting, Page said the company's performance and prospects so that he was very excited, but did not talk about their strategy, not left to answer analysts' questions.

However, to achieve more in July after strong results on the quarterly conference call, the new CEO a comprehensive exposition of his strategy. Among them, he said, Google will easily find its Chrome browser, YouTube video site and Andrews (Android) the growth of mobile operating systems to make money way. Currently more than 135 million devices worldwide are equipped with Andrew system.

At that meeting, Page said Google only 1% of the potential to play, and as such, I was leading the company to scale new heights.

Investment bank Stifel, Nicolaus & Co. Analyst Lohan (Jordan Rohan), said Paige communication with investors on how to learn quite fast. He also said, obviously not satisfied with Google Page in the leading position in Internet search, Google intends to occupy the leading position in more areas, even though doing so caused more stringent government oversight, and it's more bumpy road ahead .

Google employees, said Page in the company has a wide range of supporters. In the past few months, he promised to reform their own company, through a comprehensive restructuring to clarify the responsibilities and priorities. In addition, he paid off some of these priorities, except useless items.

Page also local business advertising such as Google + update operations and became interested in the products. Google + is the social network Facebook Inc.'s Competitors, Paige has this year the number of employees with bonuses linked to performance of this product.

In front of his employees, within the Page to get rid of their image. Informed sources said, Google + launched a few weeks later, he was in California in July, Google headquarters in Mountain View, organized a "beach party", and even get a high-tech made a wave machine.

Colleagues said, Page is very good at communicating with employees, including product-related meetings, every Friday afternoon, "Thank God, finally to Friday the" the full meeting, and through his house Google + accounts published minutes of video clips.

Nevertheless, the problem of external force Paige respond quickly. Earlier this summer, Google said it is facing a Federal Trade Commission (Federal Trade Commission) for its business conduct extensive investigation may take several years to complete.

In the news was leaked in July Google has adapted its search engine displays local business information. According to informed sources, the Federal Trade Commission investigation is one of the matters.

At the same time, increasing competition in the mobile space charge under the re-injection to promote Page, Google announced this month it spent $ 12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola's consensus. This is the Internet search company Google's largest-ever one transaction.

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